how it works for the seller

(that’s you!)

it doesn’t get much simpler than this
we set you up on our internal management console

once your voucher engine is live, you have full control over its appearance and functions. you’ll receive free training on how to use the imc and update variables such as voucher name, description, and image.

you make your voucher site your own

our voucher engine is designed to fit seamlessly into your existing website design. next, it’s time to create voucher offerings unique to your property. set prices, create categories, and boost promotions.

get the word out

once you’re happy with your offerings (which can be updated at any time), promote your newly fitted engine across social media and advertising campaigns. don’t forget to add a “gift vouchers” button to your website homepage.

check out our video

click <strong>here</strong> to watch a video detailing the functions.

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