which voucher category are you?

oftentimes, when a voucher engine supplier comes along, the hotelier, retailer
or restauranteur is asked to hone in on a handful of offerings: three or four
voucher campaigns to attract customers. a hotel may opt to push weekend
getaway vouchers while a restaurant could advertise a romantic dinner for two.

at gift vouchers in1, we believe in offering an array of choice to yield the best
return on investment and click-thru rates.

while your hotel may choose to prioritise overnight stay vouchers and lean
heavily into promoting them online, we do not impose limitations on the
number of vouchers you offer, nor the range of categories.

we simply give you the tools and freedom to refine and
redefine your vouchers how and when you see fit.

this means, for those in the hospitality sector, not only can gift cards promote your property’s
rooms, you can also make the most of existing hotel amenities by advertising vouchers for your
on-site spa or restaurant.

the same applies to shopping malls. perhaps your primary voucher is a pre-loaded card. its value
may be redeemed at any of your on-site stores. but do you also offer restaurants, a
cinema, or a bowling alley on-site? why not entice customers to avail of your other amenities by getting
creative with “date night” vouchers? list a variety of choice on your site and before you know it,
you’ll be successfully offering something for everyone.

we work with hotels, retailers, hospitality organisations, shopping malls, and adventure experience
providers all over the world.

here’s a taste of the kinds of vouchers they offer using our engine:

hotel stays
spa breaks
dining experiences
‘shop til you drop’ vouchers
‘jewellery for her’ vouchers
safari adventure vouchers
helicopter ride vouchers
vineyard and wine tour vouchers